Welcome to "Special Systems and Tehnologies"

"Special Systems and Technologies" Ltd. greets and invites You to cooperation

Company specialists offer engineering and consulting service, solve questions and problems of projection engineering services and systems, offer technical assistance to the partners in the teamwork (see here).

Company specialists participate in inspection of the construction designs and plans with our partners. We also take part in preparation for technical-commercial offerings development (technical modernization, industrial renovation) technical complexes and of programming.

Our specialists are involved in conduction of inspection and technical checks of the supplied equipment and software & technical complexes.

Work forms and projecting:

  • Projection of engineering services and systems
  • Development of Project special sections
  • Information Technologies

Further details see here.

"Special Systems and Technologies" Ltd. employees has got appropriate education, certificates and licenses for proper work realization.

We hope for further cooperation and links reinforcement with our regular partners. As well we do all possible that our new partnership will be profitable and productive.