Software for weight systems

Purpose: For weighing and dosage systems control automation, for electronic gravimetric equipment integration in to the factory automation system or other informative structure.

Trade mark: Group of software products under the general trade mark of ВесыСофт, VesySoft. Please pass to list of programs and familiarize with the prices price list

Features and functions:

  • Universal dial-up driver with support of any types of scales and reading on COM. Completed base configurations. Convenient data export;
  • Work in a local network common-base data in the format of SQL;
  • User autorization. Separate user access rights options;
  • Connection to one program about four different types of scales;
  • Commodity and quantitative cargo accounting. Reference books;
  • Weighing of transport in movement, a statics and striped weighing;
  • Video frame (picture) uploading to the database from two video cameras to one scales;
  • For barriers and traffic-lights management (in traffic control system);
  • Control of additional light boards and pointers;
  • Transport identification system connection by noncontact keys or RFID -cards, that forces weighing process and traffic control;
  • Events and all scales operator actions registration audit;
  • Unlimited archive performance;
  • Database archiving and restoring (for any moment of time);
  • Reporting of weighings for any periods. Typical reports forms. Possibility of new reports creation and editing. Printing;
  • Multi-language and adjusted interface;

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Software for the settlement-service and communal services operating organizations.

Purpose: Automated consumptions of water, heat, gas and electric power data collection, account and storage ,for generation of calculations and re-calculations of bills utility, with delivery of information for every consumer.

Trade mark: Series trade mark utility Please pass to list of programs and familiarize with the prices price list